Hey there!

I'm Marcy K, #MomBoss

Time-Management Queen, Biz Coach, Course Creator, Podcaster, YouTuber

& Sub-Box She-EO

MoM to 7, Wifey to 1 lucky guy &

lover of all things lip gloss & football

Welcome to my online home where

I love empowering other #MomBosses

to live their best BYOBoss Life!


Mindset Mentor...


How would you feel if you could live your life with an abundant mindset with no limitations?

What would your life feel like if you jumped out of bed every morning to peruse your passion?

How do you want to give back to the world?

If all you had to do was check off the boxes, every girl would be a Millionairess. But in order to get there you have to address what's between those beautiful ears of yours. The good, the bad & the not so pretty.

I've done it. I'm doing it. I'm in the thick of it and here to show you how you can live your best be your own boss life... without sacrifice.

5 ways I'll help you grow into your purpose:

Imagine building the business that you love,

while putting you & your family ABOVE.

Because you can have the AND.

You can have an amazing, fulfilling relationship AND have the family you always dreamt of AND the business that fulfills your purpose AND give yourself the grace of self care AND travel the world with joy AND have supportive ambitious women cheer you on AND create any other 'and' that you wish.

I am here to guide you towards your dreams...

... because that is part of MY purpose.

I've struggled through it all & refused to buy into the line that I would have to sacrifice my family in order to be a successful entrepreneur. I designed my own life on my

terms AND get to be a present parent to my 7 kids AND love on my hubbie AND

run 3 successful business AND never miss a football game or recital AND travel when I want too AND show you how you can have the AND too.

...and Business BOSS

A dream without a planner is just a wish!

I'm Marcy Knopf, the Founder & Chief BOSS at BYOBoss Life, a monthly subscription and online community circled around my custom Planner & Follow-Up System created exclusively for female entrepreneurs to live their best (Be Your Own Boss) life!


I have a real belief that a planner will take your small business from a hobby to a profession, and is truly needed to grow your BYO Boss mindset!

hey bosses.png

Who needs a

Social Media Manager when you have the

Social Creative!

We’ve all heard it... “You need to get your message out every day!” "Share value!" "Don't forget about engagement too!"

But posting value driven, scroll stopping & engaging content EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. omgeeee

If the thought alone leaves you feeling exhausted & overwhelmed, girl I feel your pain.

I had these exact same struggles while growing my 3 businesses & the reason I created The Social Creative exclusively for Product Based Entrepreneurs & Creatives just like you! (I love my coaches, I’m one too! But there is so much out there for us already...time for the Product Bosses!)

marcykmomboss neora brand partner.jpg

Did I mention I'm also
an Anti-Aging Pro?
(and no, having 7 kiddos is not the solution)

I became a Founding Brand Partner for one of the most award-winning direct sales companies... and it's still just a baby company! We specialize in holistic anti-aging including skin/body/hair care + health & wellness such as brain health, superfoods & weight management.

The bonus here... you get to work directly with me & get free coaching! Check it out & then reach out so we can chat further...

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Want to become


Simply text the word

'BOSS' to 541-275-6267

or click HERE

...and YES this is really my number.

I want to connect with you on a deeper level daily to share productivity tips, thoughts to journal on, affirmations & more.

As soon as we connect we can chat about what kind of support you are looking for!


Why you need the BYOBoss Life System
in. your. life.

Who doesn't love QUALITY Freebies?

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Hey there BOSSes!

Join my community.

Commit to building your dreams, planning the steps to get there & living your best Be Your Own Boss Life today! Join our FB community of ambitious women designing their legacies.

Daily tasks, challenges, mindset work & accountability to keep you on your path to those incredible dreams you have for you & your family.

 “Being part of her group has challenged me to take my business head on by treating my goals and planning like I would approach a race.”

 I joined the BYOBoss Life VIP FB group as I am a business owner that is interested in growing and scaling my business.  My one Achilles heel is my organization.  I run 3 different businesses and they are not all the same type of business.  So keeping organized is not only a necessity but a MUST!  Being part of her group has challenged me to take my business head on by treating my goals and planning like I would approach a race. Realizing that it is a marathon and not a sprint!  I am so thankful that I found Marcy and that she had added a ton of value and accountability to my life and business. I am so thankful for not only the coaching but also the opportunity to share as a friend.


Shauna Lindquist


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