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1:1 Coaching with Marcy K

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Welcome Boss, I'm Marcy K.
And you're in the right place!
A little about me...

Through my entrepreneurial journey I have sat in all the seats. The highs of earning a car bonus with my direct selling company. The lows of missing out on yet another luxury trip. Friends cheering me on & family dog'in me out on social media.


I became a proud She-EO of my own business, BYOBoss Life, & felt the pain of growth & embraced the learning curve with open arms & a few tears.

In dealing with Betrayal Trauma, I became a student of mindset and learned how in mastering this, the world opens up to you. That is what I'm excited to help you do, too.

Even through all the ups & downs I've refused to let go of my core values of putting my family first and trusting that God has my back in finding my purpose.

I'm here to show you how to crush your goals & reach that dream income that you want to change the world with.

"I am so excited for you as you take this next step in investing in you, your goals & your legacy."

The majority of coaching programs only focus on business tactics but fail to focus on

the most important key to success.... you!

So if you've ever hired a coach before, joined a mastermind or paid for a training program

only to not get results, I'm here to tell you it's not your fault!

In other words, the first change needed to see a change in your business.... is you!

I'm here to help you set new routines, break negative habits & limiting behaviors that hold

you back from achieving your biggest dreams.

We will do this together through mindset tools as well as proven business strategies.

"You have no idea that this will be the moment. This will be a defining moment when you will look back and say THIS is when the life-changing shift happened."

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You are ready to work 1:1 with me if:

  • You're frustrated with guessing what you need to do to finally grow.

  • You're tired of your results not matching the intentional action you are taking. 

  • You're over being told to "follow the system" that simply isn't working for you.

  • You feel in your soul that there HAS to be a better way.

  • The slow lane is exhausting you & you're ready to level-up your progress NOW.

  • You know you need a Mentor to guide you, give you the exact steps you need to break through & shine a light where you need it. 

  • You're know there is something missing & you're ready to see real change in your life. 

"Stop believing 'hard work' is the only way to the success you see from others."


Let's look at the details....




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Everything I'm happy to gift you as part of this Special:

  • 25% off 1:1 Coaching for length of Membership (6-month minimum)

  • 2 1:1 Zoom meetings per month

  • LIFETIME Membership to Legacy Life Society Private Facebook Community

  • Monthly LIVE Group Coaching Session inside the Legacy Life Society

  • First-Choice-Pass for 1:1 Coaching during LIVE Group Coaching Sessions

  • First-Choice-Pass for Coaching/Business Promotion on The Legacy Boss Podcast

  • Unlimited Voxer access

  • BYOBoss Life Planner & Follow Up System Starter Box

  • BYOBoss Life Support Box Subscription for length of Coaching Membership

  • 15% Discount off all Programs & Courses (while under contract)

  • 20% Discount off all Events & Retreats (while under contract)

  • Ambassador Program for Affiliate income opportunities

What I ask of you in exchange for a Testimonial Coaching Membership:​​

  • Show up authentically to our appointments

  • Be open & coachable and ready to step outside your comfort zone

  • Provide a written testimonial after 6 month membership (will be shared)

  • Provide a short-form 30 sec - 1 min video testimonial (will be shared)

  • Share written &/or video testimonials on social media of your choice (and tag me!)

Secure your Seat before they're gone!


Read all about it....


Shauna, Sozo Essentials

Being part of her Group has challenged me to take my business head on by treating my goals and planning like a would a race.


Marki, Humphrey Ranch

I have worked through some personal blocks as well as setting myself up for success at the end of every day. Setting new methods of operations while I'm learning to run my new business!


Mary, Oak City Scents

Holy moly!

Because of you I got my first TikTok sale!


Here's what you get when you join...

25% off  12 1:1 Coaching Sessions

($450 value per membership)

6 Month Planner Subscription

($180 value)

First-Choice Coaching Pass

($50 monthly value)

Lifetime FB Group Access

($35 month)

Unlimited Voxer Access

($750 6 month value)

First-Choice Podcast Pass

($50 monthly value)

Live Group Coaching

($100 monthly value)

Member Discounts

(15-20% off)

Ambassador Program 


TOTAL VALUE = $3,333+

Your Cost = $1,350

*payment plans available

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Let me be the first to congratulate you for dreaming again...

...for realizing God truly has a purposeful plan and you ARE WORTHY of a life greater than you have imagined.

You will be supported and guided in a safe place where you will finally be free to step onto the path you were created for in a time such as this.

Because when you have someone in your corner who truly believes in you (that's me!), it is only then that you can truly believe in yourself & take the steps needed for the growth you desire.

Whether you want to grow your new business, expand your skills as a leader to manage your team or finally hit those sales goals you've dreamt of, you are finally on your way.

Let's identify those blocks, quiet those limiting beliefs and give you business strategies to maximize your time to start thriving in your life with those you love the most.

Let's change your life, Boss.