About BYOBoss Life


Hey there BOSSes! I'm Marcy Knopf, the Founder & Chief BOSS at BYOBoss Life, a monthly subscription and online community circled around my custom Planner & Follow-Up System created exclusively for female entrepreneurs to live their best (Be Your Own Boss) life!

I'm just your average mom (well maybe not so average, I have 7 kiddos!) who was looking to make some money with a side-gig so I could work from home. I mean no one has that many kids & not want to stay home, right? Besides my hoard of kids I love my bff-turned-hubbie, warm salt water & sand, cute shoes, lip gloss & football.

Fast forward 5 years, and while I was enjoying success as a Founding Brand Partner in my direct-selling company, what I simply couldn’t find was a planner that met my needs so I created my own! I wanted a planner system that would #1 focus on what is most important to do on a daily basis #2 would help me fit my biz in-between the cracks of my life #3 wouldn’t have SO MUCH in them that the planner itself was too daunting of a task to complete #5 had a REAL follow-up system to never lose a contact again... and #5 would be something I WANTED to carry around aka: cute, lightweight & would fit in my purse.

I have a real belief that a planner will take your small business from a hobby to a profession, and is truly needed to grow your BYO Boss mindset! I view a planner as the brick-and-mortar aspect of a home-business.... it needs to be open in order to successfully run a business. Forget the calendar apps that simply give you another ding-ding notification among the vast amount you already get. When you put pen to paper you make neuronal connections that make & keep you dedicated to your goals. Ok enough with all the science stuff but it's true! 

I'm a communications graduate of Sacramento State University in California, I enjoy working part-time as a Success Coach at my local college, mentoring fellow small business owners, as well as marketing my holistic anti-aging products and growing my BYOBoss Life company from home. I live in the PNW with my husband + 7 kiddos and am truly living the wife, mom, boss life!


I'm Marcy Knopf