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Meet your Instructors:


Marcy went from a "just" a mom of 7 kiddos (including twins!) to a Mindset Mentor & Lifestyle Strategist! She jumped into entrepreneurship as a “plan B” & fell in love with becoming her own boss AND being a present parent. She-EO & Creator of the BYOBoss Life Planner System, Marcy now helps countless women grow the business they love, while putting their families & themselves ABOVE!

Shauna is a Creative and passionate about helping others find their true Genius... that thing they were created for.  We all have it!  A wife, mom and Business Strategist, she leans in to help product bosses and creatives to a life well lived. She is the Owner & Founder of both Sozo Essentials and The Legacy Boss. Shauna has been helping owners build successful business for the last 20 years.