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Day Designing in 7

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7 Minutes. 7 Days. 7 Tools
to designing your DREAM work from home day!

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Do you find yourself:

  • Choosing between growing your business OR creating memorable family moments?

  • Believing that the only way to build a business is a constant mode of hustle?

  • Frustrated because you feel like you're always running from behind?

  • Wasting precious time that you'd rather be doing on other things, including family time!

Would you like to:

  • Create a flexible schedule to keep yourself in a state of work/life/mom flow?

  • Discover the beauty of productivity & embrace it?

  • Have more "me" time (do you even remember what that is?)

  • Learn how to manage your time like a BOSS!

Are you ready?
The enemy of wealth is not mindset,
it's DELAY.

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Day Designing like a Boss


In just 7 days (of bite-size busy-mom pieces),

you will learn my step-by-step scheduling strategy for intentional planning that results in ditching the hustle, clocking less work hours & creating more time-freedom for the things that matter most.

Tool #1:    Deleting the Box

Tool #2:   Checking Yo'Self

Tool #3:   Identifying the #Timewasters

Tool #4:   Numbering The Frogs

Tool #5:   Protecting Your Time

Tool #6:   Embracing White Space

Tool #7:   Intentionally Planning

Without the right tools that allow you to create structure AND provide the flexibility every mom needs, you'll find yourself resorting back to building your business like a man does.


We have the luxury of building our business like successful women do. With flow, ease & fluidity.

As a MoM of 7 & business owner myself, I've learned these tools the hard way. THE. HARD. WAY. I'm spilling all the ugly stories & secrets so you can design your dream day the easy way!

In every Class you'll receive:

7 "Tool of the Day"

Coaching Videos

7 Matching

Tool Guides

Lifetime Access to

Videos & Guides

Limited Time BONUSES:

FREE 1 Month Membership for Group Coaching Session, Expert Training & 8 Workshops

($250 value)

FREE eBook Download:

Boss Builder Workbook

($17 value)

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Take a
look inside!

But WAIT... there's more!!!

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Fast Action Bonus!

Add on 1 HOUR of 1:1 Coaching
for just $40 during pre-enrollment! ($150 value) 
Let's come together to polish all the edges of your design
so you walk away confident & shining!

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Let's wrap it all up:

  • 7 Days of Video Coaching

  • 7 Downloadable Training Tool Guides

  • Lifetime Course Access (yes people are charging for replays now... not me!)

  • BONUS #1: Free Month Membership Access ($250 value)

  • BONUS #2: Free 27 page Boss Builder Workbook ($17 value)

  • FAST ACTION BONUS: 1:1 Coaching Session for only $40 ($150 value)

Grab the Day Designing Bundle
$524  for just $157


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availble thru February 1st

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"One part at a time, one day at a time,
we can accomplish any goal
we set for ourselves."

- Karen Casey