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My Fav Things

18" Neewer Ring Light

This is my go-to Ring Light for all the things! I started with a 12" but quickly upgraded & I love it.

Blue Yeti Mic

Perfect for my Legacy Boss Podcast! Choose from a variety of colors, too.

My Crown

If you follow my IG Reels or TikTok's... chances are you've asked about my crown! Here ya go!

Portable Ring Light

THIS is the Ring Light I packed all the way to Hawaii! Love that it recharges my phone too!

Sleep Headphones

Use while exercising or, my fav, while sleeping & listening to my personal sleep affirmations!

BYOBoss Life Planner System

I mean how can I NOT put my own Planner System on my list of fav's!

Here's a few links to some of my go-to's & must have's... affiliate links of course so a big THANK YOU for the support!