5 FABSS Goals for Work Life Balance

Updated: May 18, 2020

Ok ya'll. You can do a Google search & see the great debate on whether or not the goal of Work / Life Balance is even achievable. Especially for us busy ladies who run small businesses, are building a business from home, socially selling as online-entrepreneurs, what ev..... THIS. POST. IS. FOR. YOU.

But I'm here to tell you it IS achievable... and even help you do it. With these 5 quick & simple F.A.B.S.S. goals you can intentionally plan time throughout your day or week to find that ever illusive Work Life Balance unicorn... or narwhal!

P.S..... I even made a FREE PRINTABLE to help you stay on track, but watch this quick 5 minute video first!

So pretty simple, right? Simple but not necessarily easy.

Now that you understand what the 5 FABSS goals are, let's just break them down a little bit further (in case some of ya'll skipped the video, it's ok, I still love ya).

And remember to think of goals & ways for you to spend time in these areas 5-15 minutes per day, or longer in each area if your goal is to check the box in each of these areas just once a week (not making sense? watch the video!).

For sake of this example & to compliment the printable let's think about doing each one of the

5 FABSS goals 5x a week, during your "work week."


Read a book together, sit & ask open-ended questions about their day after school, eat dinner together, play ball, game/movie night, make cookies, go on a walk with someone & combine with the next goal....


Go for a walk, do yoga, garden, go to the gym, complete an exercise session on demand or blu-ray, hike, paint a room or clean house like a BOSS.


Create & batch social media graphics, write thank you notes, complete that task you've been putting off, clean or create your home office space, take photos for a post/blog/shopify site, read a personal development book or listen to a podcast.


Meditate, read your Bible, go to scripture study, journal, go to church, really pray (like on your knees & everything), listen to a sermon or talk, get into nature & be thankful.


Take a bath, get a manicure or give one to yourself, read a good book, write your book, have a dance party, call your mom, take a nap, find a hobby, get a massage, treat your skin to my self-esteem boosting & favorite Body Contouring Cream.

Simply save this photo & print or click HERE to download a pdf. Find a cute or stylish frame to match your decor & use a dry-erase pen (or washable crayola marker your steal from your kid) to mark off the goals each day. You'll get a great visual of which areas you might want to focus on that day!

Question of the Day:

Do you feel like you have work/life balance? What is the first of the FABSS goals you want to work on incorporating into your day or week?

If you'd like a chance to win a planner & follow up system I personally created for female entrepreneurs... head to www.BYOBossLife.com & enter to win a planner & subscription box FOR LIFE! I have these 5 FABSS goals listed on the daily pages so you'll never miss a goal!

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